• An exotic feel, excitement, and culture
• Value added from other destinations
• Social and political security and stability
• Weather conditions broadly favorable
• Hotels of all categories + top range hotels


Differentiation from other destinations : -> Special offering, culture and spare-time activities according to the client needs, good value for money … • Conference centers fully equipped with conference and banquet facilities • Diversified cuisine and high quality catering. • A private transport service tailored to the sector requirements (coaches, minibuses, cars, luxury cars…)
• Corporate social responsibility activities and experiences. • Leisure and cultural activities to meet the client needs • Well-being • Watersport activities • Nature & adventures



Behind its 12 kilometers of red ochre walls, it has a thousand-year-old history. Its mosques, fountains, palaces and legendary Jamaâ el-fna square make it an exclusive destination. About 60% of MICE tourism in Morocco.


• An international airport connecting the city to European cities
• Rich non-core activities : Golf, Spa, Casino, Night life, Hiking, Trekking…
• A large accommodation offering (ranked nationally 1st in terms of available accommodation) Variety of accommodation choices (Hotels, Riads, Guest Houses,…) and existence of international hotel chains
• Marrakesh has several congress centres and conference rooms and meeting facilities integrated into these 4 & 5-star hotels
• A third conference centre with a capacity for 5,000 persons has just opened.

MICE DESTINATION - DMC in Morocco and DMC Marrakech
MICE DESTINATION - DMC in Morocco and DMC Marrakech


Morocco’s economic capital, Casablanca is particularly dynamic with its wide boulevards of ultra modern, art deco or Hispano Moorish buildings, many parks and sandy beaches along the Atlantic, Major shopping centers.

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• Good airline services with an accessible large hub having more than 300 flights/week coming from large markets • The beating heart of the country’s economy • The meeting is a tradition or vocation in Casablanca, since the 1943 with the Casablanca Conference • An animated city: shopping, night life, restaurants for all tastes • Diverse non-core activities: Golf, Horse-riding, Karting, Spa & Thalasso • Existence of many hotel chains and international ones. Important accommodation capacities and 50% of the city hotels are top-of-the-range (4 and 5-star hotels)

MICE DESTINATION - DMC in Morocco and DMC Marrakech

The Imperial Cities


Imperial city means a city formally capital of Morocco: Fès, Marrakech, Meknes and Rabat. Each one of them having been the country’s capital at some time during its history.

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Those cities are centres of tourism, government, religious history through their amazing architectural structures.

You will have the opportunity to see the preservation of traditional trades and crafts which years did not change behind the cities walls and immerse yourself in a fun, stimulating cooking adventure with local people of Morocco.

These are the cities where to experience a stay in a Riad, the famous typical Moroccan guesthouses.

MICE DESTINATION - DMC in Morocco and DMC Marrakech

The desert Road


A well-rounded mix of Morocco’s highlights. The itinerary is great for those who want to experience as much as they can in an active, yet comfortable nature adventure.

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You will cross the Middle Atlas Mountains towards desert Erfoud and Merzouga, mesmerizing sand dunes, then Ouarzazate, the Kasbah city and home of the Movie Studios.

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